Sitrick And Company has consistently been ranked among the nation’s top strategic communications firms. Founded in 1989 by Michael S. Sitrick, Chairman and CEO, the firm has clients from the public and private sector as well as high-profile individuals ranging from financier Thomas H. Lee to rocker Tommy Lee.

Sitrick And Company has five offices: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Although the firm has extensive experience in corporate, financial, transactional and crisis communications, it is best known for its work in sensitive, make-or-break situations. Whether helping a client with reputation management, a merger, litigation issues, a restructuring or a criminal indictment, Sitrick And Company works to ensure that clients’ objectives are achieved and its key constituents receive the appropriate communications. These include employees, the investment community, customers, suppliers and government officials.

Matters with which the firm has been involved span the spectrum. They include business litigation, state and federal government investigations, data breach issues, criminal indictments, insurance fraud, labor issues (including emergency executive transitions, sexual harassment and discrimination cases), fraudulent conveyance cases, trade disputes, mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests, withhold vote contests, product recalls, environmental issues and product liability claims, financial restatements and write-downs, and in and out of court restructurings. The firm has been involved in more than 400 Chapter 11 cases since its founding and roughly 100 out of court restructurings.

Sitrick And Company’s executives have served as officers, directors, managers and Board Members of both private and publicly traded companies.  Its staff includes executives with both corporate and media experience, including former senior executives of Fortune 500 companies and editors and reporters from such news organizations as The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones News Service, The New York Times, Bloomberg News (in the US and Europe), Los Angeles Times, Barron’s, Forbes, The Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Examiner and CBS Television news. Senior executives also include a retired three star general from the United States Army and a former litigation attorney from one of Los Angeles’ leading litigation firms.

The firm’s digital media team is led by an executive who directed online initiatives for Premiere Radio, one of the nation’s top syndicators of radio programs. The team has orchestrated such high-profile campaigns as the withhold vote effort launched by Roy Disney against Michael Eisner, then the head of the Walt Disney Company, and the defense of Patricia Dunn, former chair of HP, who was indicted for allegedly spying on her board.

The firm has been involved in developing and implementing strategic communications programs for more than 1,000 companies, individuals and entities over the past 25 years.