Hostess Speaks: Why Its Executives Deserve Bonuses

By Susan Adams After I published a story yesterday critical of Hostess Brands’ request that a bankruptcy judge grant approval for $1.8 million in executive bonuses to be paid by the insolvent company, Judge Robert Drain approved the plan and I heard from a Hostess spokesman, Lance Ignon of the public relations firm Sitrick And […]


NY Times: Sitrick And Company Leads Cork Campaign

By Stuart Elliott The Portuguese cork industry, backed by the Portuguese government, is undertaking an American-style campaign with a green twist. Actually, “twist” might be the wrong word, because the campaign seeks to encourage wineries to use cork stoppers rather than aluminum twist-off caps or stoppers made of plastic and other synthetic materials. The campaign […]


Maya Pogoda and Sandra Sternberg: “Communications and the 363 Sale Process”

From the Daily Bankruptcy Review As the economy continues to throttle more and more financially borderline corporations, troubled companies and their advisers are increasingly turning to what is known as the “363 sale” to engineer their way out of bankruptcy and liquidation. General Motors did it; Chrysler did it; the Chicago Cubs did. Companies as […]


Rehabilitating John Edwards: Mike Sitrick Tells Time Magazine

There’s unpopular, there’s widely loathed, there’s despised, and then there’s John Edwards. Americans are a tolerant people, but they have a line, and evidently, when you cheat on your cancer-stricken wife, lie about it to everyone while running for president, and then decline to acknowledge fathering a love child for two years, you’ve crossed it. […]


James Bates discusses Tiger Woods on “Dateline NBC”

James Bates on “Dateline NBC”