Michael Vick ‘Villain to Hero Playbook’ …Revealed

If you were considered the #1 villain in America … a dog fighting, law breaking bad guy … would you pay $111K for an image makeover? Michael Vick sure did … and it was the best money he ever spent. TMZ has obtained court documents from Vick’s bankruptcy case which show the NFL star paid […]


NY Times: “Retired General Joins Sitrick Brincko”

Lt. Gen. H Steven Blum has been appointed managing director and group practice leader of Sitrick Brincko Group, a management consulting firm that offers advice in the field of strategic, crisis and corporate communications. General Blum retired from his role in the United States Army in June this year after 41 years of service. He […]


Financial Times: “The spin doctor of restructuring”

By Matthew Garrahan in Los Angeles Mike Sitrick was never supposed to work in public relations. As a young man he wanted to be a journalist and worked briefly as a reporter when, in 1969, he found himself in talks with the Chicago Tribune about a job paying $125 a week. He also received an […]


“On the line” — Mike Sitrick profile in Los Angeles Business Journal

Since starting his crisis management firm in 1989,Mike Sitrick has handled media relations for more than 300 bankruptcy cases, including such spectacular meltdowns as Orange County’s and Global Crossing’s. Sitrick also has helped scandal-plagued organizations navigate controversies, including those that hit the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Getty Foundation. On the high-profile personality […]


“Call Mike Sitrick” From Los Angeles Magazine

Fled the scene of an accident? At war with Page Six? Taking on the most powerful man in Hollywood? Addicted to painkillers? Accused of molesting children? Call Mike Sitrick. That’s what Halle Berry, Ron Burkle, Roy Disney, Rush Limbaugh, and the Catholic archdiocese did. He plays the media better than anybody. Although the bulk of […]