“Out for Blood? Who You Gonna Call?” From BusinessWeek

Julie Roehm’s legal and public-relations strategy may seem hyperaggressive. Besides suing Wal-Mart for wrongful termination, the former marketing star has accused its top officers of violating the company’s conflict-of-interest rules. Now Roehm has hired Michael Sitrick, whose Los Angeles public-relations firm is known for going atomic on opponents, using “truth squads” (which dig up alleged […]


“Firestopper” From The Daily Deal

American corporations today are in crisis, with many companies facing a fusillade of charges and public faith in business leaders sinking to its lowest levels since the Great Depression. Enter the fine art of “crisis communications,” in which public relations pros tend to the interests and reputations of clients facing scrutiny from the media, shareholders […]


“Truth Saying in Bankruptcy” From CEO Magazine

Michael Sitrick, founder and chairman of Sitrick & Co., a Los Angeles crisis management firm, has counseled CEOS in more than 150 bankruptcies since 1989, including Purina Mills’ and Burlington Industries’.


“In a Crisis, It Was a ‘Beautiful’ Job” From Los Angeles Times

This is the first Oscar winner with its own crisis PR manager, the inveterate Sitrick and Co. The firm, whose other clients have included Orange County in the middle of its bankruptcy, Enron wannabe Global Crossing and Paula Poundstone, wasn’t brought on to squelch tales of Russell Crowe’s sex life or hide evidence of discontent […]


“Guilty Until Flacked” From Forbes

How did media depictions of ex-Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee change so quickly from suspected Chinese spy to sympathetic victim of a bumbling government smear? Hardball Los Angeles flack Michael Sitrick takes some of the credit. Unbeknownst to the public, Sitrick, engaged since the summer by Lee’s lawyers, fanned the flames by challenging all […]