Asia Pacific

Sitrick And Company has a 20-year track record of providing strategic public relations services to both Asian and US clients engaged in cross-Pacific business and legal situations. Our Asia practice has assisted international clients in nearly every imaginable situation:

  • from corporate image development to providing crisis communication counsel;
  • from shareholder litigation to patent and copyright lawsuits;
  • from countering short-sellers attacks to both launching and opposing proxy fights;
  • from promoting major investments to reversing political opposition to such investments.

Cases we’ve worked on include the first successful investor-led proxy fight in South Korea, a landmark investor-rights case argued before the Supreme Court of Japan, a major NYSE-listed Chinese company facing shareholder litigation, a Korean-owned US hospital chain accused of mistreating homeless patients and a Taiwanese-American scientist wrongly accused of espionage. In every instance, Sitrick professionals work closely with the client’s financial and legal counsel to ensure that the communications and public relations efforts are consistent with and complement the client’s financial and legal strategy.

Sitrick’s Asia practice is staffed with executives who have extensive experience living and working in Asia, both in public relations and as senior journalists for The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, South China Morning Post and Bloomberg News. Our executives maintain media contacts throughout Asia and close ties with the Asian-American business communities.

Sitrick has the experience and physical capability to assist clients both in the US and across Asia, most notably in Korea, Japan and China. As part of the Resources Connection family of companies, we have access to professional assets in all major Asian financial centers, providing global reach and local expertise unmatched by other US-based strategic communications firms.