Investor Relations

There is a very simple reason why some companies’ stocks perform well even in a bear market: investors understand where the companies are headed, and they want to be a part of their future. Sitrick And Company combines traditional Investor Relations activities with access to the media and the ability to get a client’s story told. The firm does this by helping clients formulate a clear and concise message — and then working to make sure that message is reported in timely, well-positioned stories in major media outlets.

In addition to its media expertise, Sitrick And Company provides all of the “standard” Investor Relations services — drafting and disseminating press releases, planning and organizing road shows, providing market intelligence, and preparing annual reports and other presentation materials to reach all financial audiences, including brokers, fund managers, analysts, and private investors.

Given the specialized nature of its practice, Sitrick’s Investor Relations activities frequently complement other strategic communications assignments the firm may undertake for a client. Sitrick’s Investor Relations professionals create comprehensive programs for clients emerging from Chapter 11 to cultivate an informed and supportive market for their new common stock. The firm also conducts in-depth market perception surveys for clients that are weathering a crisis in order to assess how investment professionals perceive the situation. On that basis, Sitrick then develops key messages that address leading issues and concerns.